Here comes the sun – Granola and Berry Breakfast Parfaits

Some mornings, we’re in a rush. Maybe I should say many mornings we’re in a rush. Ok, perhaps most mornings. Are your mornings the same?

Granola and Berry Parfait

Happy back-to-school – hopefully it’s been a good start to the year for you all. We’ve had a fantastic start which means although it is a 3-minute walk door-to-door to Emma’s school, we’ve only had to run out the door to get there on time once. For us, that’s stellar!

I attribute our new found punctuality to our preparedness and simplicity of our morning routine.   Emma chooses her clothes and makes sure that her backpack is ready and we discuss what breakfast will be for the following morning before she heads off to bed.

This week, she requested breakfast parfaits.

Parfait implies dessert: a rich, cold, custardy and fruity concoction. Although I, myself, might indulge in such decadence for breakfast, like you, I am trying to instill good eating habits in my little dears. (Read: I would likely eat that once Emma was at school and Katie was napping.) These parfaits are actually loaded with good stuff and you can occasionally add a little surprise just to make them extra special.

Emma fell in love with these back when we started making our own homemade, nut-, oil- and dairy-free granola. She enjoyed parfaits so much that when it came time for her snack day, she wanted her whole class to have them. And so they did. We half-filled mini mason jars with a few spoonfuls of yogurt, packaged up granola, chopped fresh fruits, some dried fruits and seeds in little bowls and headed into school. The kids got to pick their toppings and enjoyed a sweet yet healthy mid-morning treat.

Rushing to get everyone out the door in the morning? Try one of these breakfast parfaits. They make for a healthy, flexible and quick breakfast – one that you can feel good giving to your little lovelies and one that they’ll love having.

Granola and Berry Parfaits

(makes 1 parfait)

  • 1/2-3/4 cups granola (try making your own ahead of time – it’s so easy and is absolutely delicious!)
  • a spoonful or two of sunflower or pumpkin seeds, hulled and roasted
  • a spoonful of dried cranberries, cherries or raisins
  • 1/2 cup of your favourite yogurt (we use plain or vanilla)
  • a few strawberries, washed, dried and chopped
  • a small handful of blueberries, washed and dried
  • a few dark chocolate chips (optional)

Mix together the granola with the dried fruit and seeds. Place half of the granola in the bottom of a bowl or small glass. Spoon half of the yogurt on top of the granola. Then add more granola (all but about a spoonful) and the fresh fruits. Dollop on the remaining yogurt. Sprinkle with remaining granola and chocolate chips. Serve cold.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Try whatever fruit combination you have on hand – fresh or dried. Although we often have strawberries and blueberries in ours, peaches are excellent in them too. As are dried apricots. These are easy to customize to suit the tastes of the pickiest of eaters.


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