Handpainted Terracotta Planter and Origami Seed Packets

Bring beauty into mum’s world with a pretty custom-painted plant pot and seed packets filled with seeds for the plants and flowers she loves the best. This is a thoughtful gift for the mama who loves to garden and is interested in upcycling/recycling. Emma and Katie harvest seeds from our garden every fall. Do you do the same? If so, use those special seeds or pick out some others to buy when out with Dad.

Handpainted Terracotta Planter | EmmaEats

Terracotta Painted Planter

  • a terracotta pot (or two) in your desired size
  • water-based acrylic paint in your choice of colours
  • paper cup and plate, paint brushes, water, old newspapers, smock or old painting clothes

Set up a painting workspace covered with some old newspapers. Fill a paper cup with some clean water and prepare a makeshift paint palette using the paper plate. Make sure the kids are wearing old clothes or smocks before they start painting. Let the kids either sketch a few designs on the outside of the pot using pencil or paint freehand. Once painted, set aside to dry.

No-glue Origami Seed Packets

  • parchment, construction, scrapbook or recycled wrapping paper, cut into 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″ squares
  • markers, coloured pencils or pens to label each packet
  • these instructions to fold an origami envelope
  • seeds of Mom’s favourite herbs, flowers or other plants

Before folding each seed packet, write any critical details around planting on the blank side of the paper for future reference. Then, fold enough packets to house the seeds that you have ready for gifting. Add the seeds to the packets and shut them. Label on the outside if desired.

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