16 Foods to Jumpstart Your Holiday Kitchen

Already, the Christmas decorations are in the stores, colourful lights on the streets are up, and the local garden centre is stocking birch reindeers and other holiday paraphernalia. On one hand, it seems so early, but the 6 week period before Christmas is generally a flurry of activity at our house. How about yours?

Every year, I devise a plan to prepare for the holidays (with best intentions!) but somehow, as December approaches, the schedule has shifted. As time ticks away, things either happen in a few massive overnight sessions (which is very difficult when you’re working or have children or both!) or omissions and substitutions occur.  Although the recipients of the edible treats and gifts are none the wiser, I always look back wistfully wishing that I could have managed my plan better.

How do you manage your schedule in preparation for the holidays? What steps do you take to make sure you’ve finished everything you’ve planned?

This year, I’m taking a new tact and am going to start my holiday baking in advance. This Christmas, I’m going to have time to relax, eat, drink and be merry.

16 Foods to Jumpstart Your Holiday Kitchen | EmmaEats

For many, the holidays are the one time of the year where large-scale hosting happens. Making everything as close to the events as possible seems like the right way to go because everything is fresh, but taking a page from the playbook of professionals, you’ll be a lot fresher if you do your preparation in advance. Now’s the time to start!

Eliminate the panic and stress associated with (last-minute) holiday guests with these tempting festive treats.

Savoury: Easy Cheesy Spelt Crescents | Spelt Parmesan GougeresSmoked Oyster Buns | Lamb Lollypops | Spanakopita | Spelt Crust Pizza Buns

Sweet: Shortbread | Ginger and Spice Cake | Chocolate Olive Oil Truffle Cake | Whole Wheat Honey Cookies | Secret Surprise Cookies | Braided Bread (Paszka)

Breakfast Treats: Lemon Cranberry Scones | Maple Cinnamon Scones | Ham and Cheese Quickbread | 1 Hour Cinnamon Buns

Just think of how much easier the holidays will feel. You’ll avoid crowded shops and snarled traffic when you plan ahead. Your make-ahead Christmas effort will be such a success, you’ll seem like you were up many late nights and early mornings slaving away but really, you’ll be rested and relaxing with a hot chocolate and a selection of treats while everyone opens presents under the tree.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holidays!

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