All I want for Christmas…

There are so many different posts that are in mid-cycle for me and it’s taking longer than I had hoped to get them to a point where they are ready for you. And, as the holiday season descends upon us, there are so many sensational recipes, crafts, gifts presented to us that I’d be ready for another 12 hours to be added to everyday so I could try them all and report back on them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t an extra 12 hours a day available to us, but I can let you in on a few of those inspirational (and fun!) things that have come across my desk lately. Enjoy!

  • If this is what the experience will feel like, I’ve got to make me some Beet Cake. (Tiger in a Jar)
  • Still pondering how we can get to Hawaii so I can mail some coconuts. (Givers Log)
  • I’ll take one of everything please. (Pi’lo)
  • Just when I thought I had completed my list of homemade gifts, I find this. (Bakers Royale)
  • I wish I had an excuse to have more garlands in our home. (Pizzazzerie)
  • G calls this the Lee Valley of baking supplies for me (King Arthur Flour)
  • In case you’re still not in the holiday spirit, you will be after you watch Mariah and Justin. (YouTube)

Red Shiny Christmas Ornaments

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